Industrial Mobile Custom Metal Fabrication

Have a slow point in your shop’s workflow?

  • With over 40 years experience designing, building, and troubleshooting dust collection and ventilation systems, we can suggest workflow changes and system modifcations to improve efficiency.

User errors causing a line to stop for maintenance or repair?

  • We can modify your system or fabricate components to automate steps – making your system more user friendly and productive.

Don’t want to wait for delivery of an essential system component?

  • We are skilled fabricators and can manufacture non-shelf machine parts and components, customized to your system needs.

We are proud of our reputation for developing efficient clean air systems that keep shop workers safe and productive.

“We use A Touch of Brass for all of our ducting and ventilation needs. The quality and reliabilityis second to none and we can’t think of using another trade. Top notch service and extremely competitive prices keep A Touch of Brass as our preferred HVAC vendor.”
Todd Schultz – Woodrose Woodworking
Customer since 2010

Wood Shops

complete dust collection services

compressed air lines

paint booths (assembly, ductwork, ventilation, and make-up air)

custom carts and racking

systems modification

service and maintenance


enclosed paint booth solutions

compressed air lines

custom fabricated channels, panels, etc.

sanding areas and air filtration systems


service and maintenance


sheet metal ducting

non-shelf machine parts

system compononents

custom shelving and carts

truck racks and tool boxes

bumper modifications/receivers

custom trailers